Family Meals, Inc. targets families who fall between the cracks of traditional social services. These families are struggling financially and who are very proud, wanting to manage on their own. Our goal is to help families rise out of their situations. Sociology studies indicate regular family mealtimes promote children’s self-esteem and add a sense of belonging, as well as lowering obesity rates. Sharing family time around the family table has countless benefits. When children have higher self-esteem, they have a better mental outlook, better school attendance, rippling positive confidence into the community, and to their peers.

At Family Meals, Inc. we believe all parents want their children to make better grades, have higher self-esteem and make good choices about drugs and gangs. Studies prove family mealtime promotes teenage self-esteem, helps improve grades, lowers obesity rates, and give young people a sense of belonging. Family Meals, Inc. helps families provide the positive impact sharing a family meal can make on today’s families. We provide the tools to families to help themselves. Realizing families are proud; we deliver the uncooked food to the families’ door. We do not ask them to stand in line or fill out vouchers. We happily meet families in parking lots and churches, so their neighbors and other family members won’t know they receive the free food.

Delivery teams are set up outside the team’s neighborhood. If a driver notices a familiar name on the delivery list, the name is immediately handed to someone else to deliver the meal bag to. We want to prevent any embarrassment families may feel or feel judged by accepting the food. We do not ask families to fill out vouchers, stand in line for boxes of food. We are committed to preserving families’ dignity in their time of need.

Volunteers organize and deliver uncooked meal bags three times each year. Our goal is not to sustain families but to help families see the importance of sharing a family meal together. Our Outreaches are Thanksgiving, Easter, and summer. Historically, our largest outreach is our Thanksgiving Outreach.

Three times each year volunteers deliver a full bag of meal ingredients to families. Included in those bags are ingredients for a full holiday meal that families may prepare in their homes, using their own family recipes. We also include a full turkey, mealtime prayers, table talk questions to get the conversations started!

Family Meals, Inc. provides table talk questions and mealtime prayers in our meal bags. Families who do not share family meals find family time around the table awkward. Table talk question are fun, open ended questions for families to ask each other. Simple mealtime prayers get families praying together we provide a simple mealtime prayer for them to read at the family table.

We accept all income level families who are living in a family situation. We have no academic background requirements. Families must have at least one person over 18 years old who lives in the house.

501(c)3 Disclaimer

Family Meals is a not for profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Donations to Family Meals are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for US federal income tax purposes. There are no donation limits or restrictions on contributions to Family Meals.

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