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  • A volunteer will contact you as soon as possible.
  • This meal will be prepared by one of our volunteers.
  • Please share allergies and special food concerns.

Volunteers are discouraged from entering your home. Please make arrangements greet the volunteer at the door.

If contactless delivery is requested, please be home to greet the volunteer from a safe distance and immediately pick up the food from the area volunteer placed the food.

Volunteers cannot leave the food outside. Please make sure a responsible person is home to accept the food.

If you are not home when delivery is confirmed, you will not receive a meal from Family Meals in the future.

Thank you for allowing Family Meals, Inc. to deliver a cooked meal to you. Please enjoy the meal and have a family meal with your family and friends.

We need your feedback to continue our mission. Please email us familymealsfl@gmail.com with your pictures and comments.

It’s important to help others when you can. Small acts of helpfulness are very meaningful. Start out by sharing your smile and offer a helping hand when you’re able. 

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